Full of fragrance - plastics

Materials World magazine
Exilica Ltd, Coventry, UK, has found a way of incorporating volatile organic compounds, such as fragrances, flavours and anti-microbials, into thermoplastics. The company claims that typical polymer processing temperatures cause organic compounds to evaporate. It has overcome this by shielding the compounds so that they survive two exposures to heat of 220°C.

Self-cleansing medical devices

Materials World magazine
A polymer that combines drug-eluting and self-cleansing agents could reduce the risk of bacterial infection through urinary catheters, say researchers at Queen’s University Belfast, UK.

Thermoset compounding made easy

Materials World magazine
A direct compounding process that makes the production of high volume and complex thermoset-based composite parts production easier may soon be available.
Washing hands

Soaking up savings - water efficiency

Materials World magazine
Water-efficient technology has vast potential and the associated tax relief can help manufacturers boost their bottom line. Water specialist Claire Sweeney, at UK sustainable business programme Envirowise, reports

Counting carbon

Materials World magazine
The UK Carbon Reduction Commitment kicks in from April 2010. Alessandra McConville, Environmental Programmes Leader at EEF, the manufacturer’s organisation, provides guidance on the process of compliance.