Healed sandwich composite panel

At the core of sandwich composites

Materials World magazine
A novel interlayer between the skin and foam core in sandwich structures could provide composite components with an inherent self-healing mechanism. This reinstates the backface support to prevent buckling during compression.
silicon chip

Making light work of silicon chips

Materials World magazine
Silicon chips that can emit light could be demonstrated within four years, thanks to a team of international researchers who claim to have overcome previous limitations.

Ministry of Defence competition opens

The UK Centre for Defence Enterprise at the Ministry of Defence has launched a new competition, Less than Lethal Weapons and Effects.

Materials experts sought for Fuel Cells Challenge

The Carbon Trust is searching for UK innovators to help develop the next generation of fuel cells. People with expertise in polymers, catalysts, metals and other materials that could provide alternatives to current fuel cell components are invited to take part in the Fuel Cells Challenge.

Product design competition opens

The Polymer Society
A design competition has been launched to find the best innovative and sustainable product design using a 100% recycled polystyrene sheet or compound.