Local Society Forum report

The Institute's Local Society Forum met in Birmingham in October

Simulating solutions – nanotransistors

Materials World magazine
Computer models that simulate silicon chip production are helping manufacturers develop next generation transistors at 32 and 22nm nodes and beyond.The simulations look at flash annealing of doped silicon, as well as new materials, such as silicon-germanium alloys, and novel structures, such as strained silicon.

Coated in nano-controversy?

Materials World magazine
Nano-enabled coatings have been widely championed over the last decade, but, to-date, applications commercialised successfully have been small volume, high added value products. Delegates at the Nano-enabled Coatings event, held on 23 September in London, UK, believe the time has arrived for the breakthrough into large volume, mass applications.
Image courtesy of Ulma Packaging

Corrosion free?

Materials World magazine
A flow wrap for high volume metal products that is said to prevent corrosion during storage has been launched by Technology Packaging, based in Northwood, UK.
Cladded steel component prior to residual stress measurement

The strain of weld induced residual stresses

Materials World magazine
UK researchers are exploring a new analytical framework for predicting and measuring weld induced residual stresses. This could have important implications for nuclear and aerospace applications by providing a more accurate, rapid and less costly approach to the problem using 3D eigenstrain solutions.