Boys from The Black Stuff

Energy Transition Group
The Mining Institute of Scotland was back at Aberdeen’s Techfest Family Activity weekend on 19/20th September, part of the North East of Scotland’s annual festival of Science, Technology, Engineering and...
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Food for thought - active and intelligent packaging

Packaging Professional magazine
The EU adopted a regulation this year governing active and intelligent materials and products that come into contact with food. Dr Alistair Irvine, Principal Consultant in Food Packaging Safety at Pira International, in Leatherhead, UK, welcomes the move.
Twinnings tea bags wrapped in home compostable film Natureflex © Innovia Films

Bigging up bioplastics packaging?

Packaging Professional magazine
The need for ‘brand identity’, ‘joined-up thinking’ and ‘communication’ might sound like hollow slogans but putting them into action could result in a more cohesive bioplastics packaging industry. Rupal Mehta reports on a conference in London, UK, that explored the challenges ahead.
Sara Lee's Simple Sweets

Cooking up a treat in packaging at Sara Lee

Packaging Professional magazine
The Kitchens of Sara Lee, a 120,000sqft centre at Downers Grove, USA, opened earlier this year, bringing together 100 packaging designers, engineers, scientists and chefs under one roof for the first time. Meagan Ellis spoke to Glenn Ventrell, Director of Packaging Innovation and Development, about the firm’s plans for the future.
A printed electronic substrate

Low-cost printing of electronics

Packaging Professional magazine
A UK printed media firm claims to have developed a low-cost way of applying electronic circuitry to packaging, which could turn an ordinary carton into an interactive game. The technique uses existing high-volume printing processes, such as screen, offset and flexography, to pattern metallic conductive tracks onto substrates.