Ministry of Defence competition opens

29 Oct 2009

The UK Centre for Defence Enterprise at the Ministry of Defence (MOD) has launched a new competition, Less than Lethal Weapons and Effects.

Less than lethal effects could involve confronting suspects approaching on foot or in a vehicle, or those operating within a crowded place. A flexible set of solutions will allow UK forces to deal with these threats, minimising (ideally avoiding) any impact on bystanders or other collateral effects and reducing the risk of inadvertently using lethal force.

Solutions are required for use by the UK Armed Forces on current operations in situations varying from foot patrols to deployment at fixed military installations. The systems should be able to deter people from approaching when instructed not to, disrupt enemy ability to monitor friendly force activity, and stop or physically detain people.

Details of the problem areas and desired outcomes will be presented at a seminar in Harwell, Oxfordshire, on 26 November, when the call for new ideas and technologies will open. A competition brief will be produced for this date and posted on the website. Applications should then be made online.

Further information

Less than Lethal Weapons and Effects competition