Resource mapping of packaging and food waste

9 Nov 2009

Packaging experts are being asked to provide accurate and
up-to-date information about waste produced across all parts of the supply
chain. The amount of meat and fish and
its associated packaging ending up as waste in the UK retail supply chain is to
be identified by WRAP
(Waste & Resources Action Programme) and Envirowise.

The results will benefit
participating businesses and the wider industry by identifying key areas where resources
can be used more efficiently and waste can be prevented. This will include drawing up recommendations and good
practice case studies. It is hoped the work will bring cost savings and environmental benefits to the participating businesses.

‘Resource maps’ will be produced to identify the amount of food and packaging waste generated
and where it occurs. Data will be collected for meat and fish types, at all
points along the wholesale and retail supply chain. The project will also detail
the amount of water consumed and disposed of during processing, and the carbon impact of waste.

Charlotte Henderson from WRAP said, 'Identifying where and when
the waste is generated – and the reasons why – will help us develop solutions
to use resources more efficiently. 
These solutions will be shared...the benefits identified will be commercial as well as

The research team will
contact companies across the supply chain to participate in the project and provide


Further information

Businesses interested in
being involved should email