Starpack Awards 1960

3 May 2009

We've been delving into the archives to find the winners of the very first Starpack awards back in 1960.

A total of 171 entries were received in the Starpacks 1960 competition, organised by the Institute of Packaging. Entries competed in two main sections - for retail consumer packs and transit packs. Each pack submitted was judged on three main features: functional efficiency, user convenience and sales appeal. To win a gold star an entry had to receive a mininum of 82 per cent of possible marks and be voted best in its class. To win a silver star, entries were required to receive a minimum of 79 per cent of the possible marks and for a bronze star, a minimum of 74 per cent of the total possible marks.

For further details download the extracts from the Packaging Review from December 1960 from the links below.