Treasures from the Mary Rose exhibition

24 Jun 2009
A tide calculator

The contrasting preservative or corrosive effects of seawater on a range of materials are intriguingly displayed at the Hidden Treasures from the Mary Rose exhibition in south Croydon, which runs until 7 August. From Henry VIII’s 16th century warship, naval, military, domestic, musical and medical artefacts are included.

Materials that look as though they were shaped and carved only yesterday are mostly of wood – ash, beech, box, rosewood, willow and yew. Also in good condition are artefacts made from ceramics, wax, bone, some fabrics and hemp. The fate of metals is more varied, the least reactive surviving in perfect condition while others are corroded.

Those interested in the application and survival of materials will be fascinated by this exhibition, which contains many finds not previously displayed in Portsmouth, the permanent home of the Mary Rose.

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Hidden Treasures from the Mary Rose exhibition