Minerals and mining library move

6 Feb 2009

The pre-2001 serials (journals, report series and some conference series) from the Institute's Minerals and Mining library are now housed in the new library at the Institute's Grantham centre, The Boilerhouse.

Rosie Branston, who will look after these materials, is now based at The Boilerhouse and is available to help visitors and those needing photocopies or loans. For contact details, see below.

There is still a useful minerals and mining library at 1 Carlton House Terrace, London. The older books and map collection have yet to move and the reorganisation of the post-2000 serials is nearly complete. When finished, the journals will move from the Mellor Room to be conveniently available together in the smaller basement library, alongside the newer books, many older duplicate serials and, for the moment, the older books.

Electronic serials list and book catalogue

The Institute’s first electronic serials list, available online, has been compiled to replace the strip index. A complete electronic book catalogue is also in place. This will shortly be added to the Institute website so that members can check whether we hold a particular book, or our start and end dates for a particular journal series, before travelling to one of our libraries.

The catalogue covers documents in the minerals and mining collection; books in the David West Library are not included. The only data still incomplete are those of gaps or missing issues, which will be added over time. The serials list and catalogue are complete and fully functional, but remain a work in progress.


Further information

Electronic serials list

To check the location of material, contact Frances Perry, tel: +44 (0)20 7451 7324.

For IMMAGE serials from 2000 or earlier,
contact Rosie Branston, tel: +44 (0)1476 513883. Contact Frances for
everything else (serials have location codes with two dashes, eg
73-00-1 or 430.1-10-2).

For other subject areas or the David West Library and the Institute’s various collections, contact Hilda Kaune, tel: +44 (0)20 7451 7360.

For all library inquiries, you can also use our online contact form, selecting 'Library services' as the category.