Student bursaries available for Energy from Waste and Biomass

1 Feb 2009

Waste is no longer an option! Resources that until recently were tipped into landfill, left to rot, allowed to escape to the atmosphere, or just left untapped, are now being identified as extra sources of energy and income. The Government have identified this as a priority area of technology, and much development work is being done in the UK to make the conversion technologies from waste and biomass to energy more efficient, and to transfer this technology to energy suppliers and local authorities.

Bursary places are available, sponsored by Materials UK, Oakdene Hollins and the Resource Efficiency KTN for four students wishing to attend Energy from Waste and Biomass, a one day conference organised by IOM3, taking place in London on 11 March 2009. Anybody wishing to apply should contact Dawn Bonfield by 20 February, to explain what you are currently studying, why you want to attend this event, and how you would hope to benefit from it. Further details can be found on the event website.

This is a National Science and Engineering Week event.