Natural Materials Association launched

14 Dec 2009

The first UK body representing the breadth of natural materials has been launched today by IOM3.

The Natural Materials Association (NMA) will provide a focus for a diverse range of natural materials, including wood, stone,
clay/ceramic, natural rubber, wool, leather, hemp, etc, as well as enabling an
improved understanding of biomimicry (learning from nature). It will form a new technical division within the Institute's structure.

The formation of this body was announced at today’s Natural Fibres conference, a London event celebrating the United Nations’ International Year of Natural Fibres, and will build upon the recent integration of the Institute of Wood Science within IOM3.

The NMA will form an important bridge to the product design
community as well as outreach to schools and higher education. It will
also enable greater interaction and networking between individual
natural materials communities, and will support the growth of these
links across the global membership of IOM3.

Further information

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