Wood Science agreement confirmed

4 Aug 2009

An agreement has been concluded between the trustees of the Institute
and the Institute of Wood Science (IWSc) to effect a transfer of all IWSc
members and activities to the Institute with immediate effect.

'We are delighted to conclude this arrangement with IWSc,' said Bernie
Rickinson, CEO of IOM3. ‘It provides the catalyst through which other interests
in the use and application of natural materials can be developed.'

The agreement provides for IOM3 to take full responsibility for
the administration and coordination of the Journal of Wood Science, the member magazine Wood
and all training course activity. To facilitate the integration of membership
benefits and improved networking of Wood Science members in the materials
community, a new group will be formed within the IOM3 divisional structure, to
be known as IWSc The Wood Technology Society.

Geoff Taylor, President of
IWSc, says, 'Our
involvement with IOM3 will enable us to develop a new package of benefits for
both corporate and individual members.'