Materials Literature Review Prize masterclass

6 Apr 2009
Literature Review Prize Masterclass participants

The Masterclass for the IOM3 Materials Literature Review Prize, run by the Editorial Board of the Institute journal Material Science and Technology (MST), was held on 23 February at the Institute’s London headquarters. Professor John Knott, Editor of MST; Associate Editors, Professors Andy Horsewell, Valerie Randle, and Philip Withers; and Executive Editor, Professor Edward Little, formed the judging panel.

John welcomed the finalists to the Masterclass. Each student gave a 15-minute presentation on their review, which was submitted in advance of the Masterclass, and this was followed by a question and answer session. The event provided feedback and constructive criticism on the presentations and draft reviews. The students can incorporate the judges’ comments into their final versions, which will be submitted in May.

The morning presentations were –

  • Che Seabourne, University of Leeds, ‘Frontiers of research in electron energy loss spectroscopy’.
  • Damir Tadjiev, University of Sheffield, ‘Near surface mechanical properties and hydration of silicate glasses’.
  • Samantha Bennett, University of Cambridge, ‘Dislocations and their reduction in GaN’.


Lunch allowed the finalists and judges to discuss their research and how they got into the materials science field. The afternoon session featured –

  • Richard Fruehmann, University of Southampton, ‘Development of the thermoelastic stress analysis technique for application to woven composites’.
  • ‘Solid state joining of metals by linear friction welding’, presented by Imran Bhamji from The University of Manchester.
  • Hossain Rashed, also from Manchester, ‘Superplasticity in magnesium alloys’.

The consensus among the judges was that this year’s entrants were of a high standard. John congratulated the finalists on their work to date and said he looked forward to reading the revised versions, which, he said, have the potential to be read by many. The judges will meet to decide the prize in June and it is the intention that the winning paper, and other commended entries, will be published in MST.