Nanoengineered superconductors

Materials World magazine
Artificially nanoengineered pinning centres have been introduced to high temperature superconducting (HTS) thin films to increase their critical current density by up to three times that of the standard 1.5 Tesla.

Model behaviour of ceramic and intermetallic alloys

Materials World magazine
Physical modelling to bridge the knowledge gaps between the atomistic and macroscopic levels of intermetallic alloys and ceramic coatings is under development.
Building design

Curving façades – metal forming

Materials World magazine
Formtexx, London, UK, has launched software and a mass production process to achieve 3D double curvature façades in construction using metal forming technology influenced by the automotive industry.
A printed electronic substrate

Low-cost printing of electronics

Materials World magazine
A UK printed media firm claims to have developed a low-cost way of applying electronic circuitry to packaging, which could turn an ordinary carton into an interactive game. The technique uses existing high-volume printing processes, such as screen, offset and flexography, to pattern metallic conductive tracks onto substrates.