Cladded steel component prior to residual stress measurement

The strain of weld induced residual stresses

Materials World magazine
UK researchers are exploring a new analytical framework for predicting and measuring weld induced residual stresses. This could have important implications for nuclear and aerospace applications by providing a more accurate, rapid and less costly approach to the problem using 3D eigenstrain solutions.

Fluid-structure relations

Materials World magazine
A novel computational approach could improve understanding of how fluids interact with solid structures such as turbine blades or aeroplanes. This would help engineers eliminate catastrophic mechanical failure caused by unstable contact.

Cleaning up oilsands exploration

Materials World magazine
Scientists in the USA have developed two polymers to help clean up the toxic waste left behind by oilsands mining.

Charging up batteries with algae

Materials World magazine
A charge time and capacity record for organic and non–toxic batteries has been set by using algae, claim researchers from Uppsala University, Sweden. The work opens up possibilities for producing environmentally friendly, cost efficient, up-scalable and lightweight energy storage systems.
Solid alumino-silicate spheres beneficiated from waste fly ash

Polymer fillers meet minerals processing

Materials World magazine
Mining technology is transforming waste fly ash from coal-fired power stations into cheaper and resource efficient polymer fillers, claims RockTron, based in Keynsham, UK. The firm says it has achieved a ‘world’s first’ in fly ash beneficiation.