Raising the bar in non-volatile memories?

Materials World magazine
European researchers have engineered a Schottky zinc oxide diode/selector to help pave the way for crossbar architecture. Crossbar may eventually replace flash technology in non-volatile memory devices.
hydraulic lime mortar

Home and dry – lime mortar

Materials World magazine
A low-energy drying technique for aggregates in hydraulic lime mortar has been developed by a UK consortium. The research aims to make lime mortars commercially viable for new build projects, as they have the ability to make bricks easier to recycle and contain around 45% less embodied CO2 than cement mortars.

An eye for drug delivery

Materials World magazine
A drug-eluting contact lens that dispenses a constant amount of medication for over 30 days may provide an alternative to eye drops for treating conditions such as glaucoma.
CMOS circuit design

Proving CMOS for future wireless use

Materials World magazine
Optimised circuit designs for complementary metal oxide semiconductors (CMOS) are said to have proven the commercial potential of 45nm chips for high-speed and low-powered wireless applications. Participants in the European NANO-RF project have adapted digital circuitry for radio frequencies (RFs) beyond 60GHz.