Increased prize money for 2010 Literature Review competition

The UK Centre for Materials Education is sponsoring the 2010 Materials Literature Review Prize and Masterclass, in conjunction with IOM3. This year, the prize money has been increased to £1,000.
Mixture of materials

Mining with bacteria

Materials World magazine
A biotechnological technique for selecting and separating zinc and copper sulphides from ore slurries, without the use of expensive chemicals, has been developed by researchers at the University of British Columbia, Canada. They say it could be more effective than froth flotation.
blow-moulded PET foam

Blow-moulding PET foam

Materials World magazine
A foamed PET blow-moulding process that creates lighter weight bottles has been developed, according to polymer researchers in the USA. They say the technique creates recyclable, decorative and textured PET containers.
A typical 21-stage ring oscillator built using multiwavelength photolithography

Lining up flexible electronics

Materials World magazine
Scientists in the USA have developed a dual-tone photo-resist for novel multiwavelength photolithography. This is said to overcome the problems of poor registration and alignment when patterning multiple layers on polymers and metal foils for flexible electronics.

Sourcing the stresses in composites

Materials World magazine
Researchers at the University of Southampton, UK, are working to create a more coherent calibration strategy for thermoelastic stress analysis (TSA) to better characterise and engineer complex composite components. The aim is to eventually create non-contact inspection tools and systems, enabling industry to obtain real-time measurements.