Student bursaries available for science festival

Student bursaries are availble for the British Science Festival, which is being held from 5-10 September in various venues across Surrey.

Marine biofilm sensor

Materials World magazine
An electrochemical device has been developed to detect bacterial biofilm formation on metals exposed to seawater. Scientists at the University of Southampton, UK. hope to adapt their system for monitoring marine seawater pipes and aim to identify natural biocides that can destroy biofilms, replacing the toxic chemicals currently used.
A flotation cell

Rejecting arsenic from copper ores

Materials World magazine
A process combining flotation, roasting and waste stabilisation may provide an economically viable and more environmentally friendly technique for exploiting untapped high-arsenic copper ore deposits.
A Nitinol shape memory alloy-containing fabric to improve the impact absorption capabilities of helmets. Agv SpA, a supplier of motorcycle helmets based in Rivalta Scrivia, Italy, partnered in the project

Shape memory alloys debut in textiles

Materials World magazine
Shape memory alloys (SMAs) have been incorporated into textiles for the first time, say researchers participating in a pan-European project called Avalon. They have developed prototypes using nickel-titanium (Nitinol) wire – including a motorcycle helmet, a stent graft for treating vascular diseases and an orthopaedic support bandage.
Audience voting

Buying into energy generation

Materials World magazine
Seven power generation technologies ‘bid’ for hypothetical funding from UK organisations at an event that followed the format of UK TV programme Dragon’s Den. The exercise enabled speakers from the marine, fossil, offshore wind, nuclear, biomass/waste, fuel cell and solar photovoltaic (PV) industries to present their business cases in support of materials R&D in the hope of influencing future strategy.