Applying the low-energy hydraulic lime mortar

Low-energy drying technique for lime mortar

Clay Technology magazine
A low-energy drying technique for aggregates in hydraulic lime mortar has been developed by a UK consortium. The research aims to make lime mortars commercially viable for new build projects, making bricks easier to recycle with 40% less embodied CO2 than cement mortars.
Microcracks that have self-healed

Self-healing concrete

Clay Technology magazine
Researchers in the USA are engineering a concrete to repeatedly self-heal when it cracks.

Entries sought for student and technician awards

Institute-organised student and technician awards are seeking entries.

Materials Literature Review Prize opens for 2010

The Institute's Materials Literature Review Prize for 2010 has opened for submissions from postgraduate students studying for a materials science and engineering related qualification at a UK institution.

Wood Science agreement confirmed

An agreement has been concluded between the trustees of the Institute and the Institute of Wood Science (IWSc) to transfer all of IWSc members and activities to the Institute with immediate effect.