Straw-insulated house under construction

A straw-insulated house that can survive any amount of huffing and puffing from inclement weather is being built on campus at the University of Bath, UK. The BaleHaus is made...

Eco-labels require know-how

Packaging Professional magazine
‘A two degree reduction in the thermostat setting will result in enough energy savings for a year’s supply of packaging [for the average household].’ So said Jane Bickerstaffe, Director of INCPEN, at a British Standards Institute (BSI) organised conference on sustainable design held on 16 June in London, UK.
A film produced from the wood hydrolysate

Films from wood

Packaging Professional magazine
A biodegradable gas barrier film or coating is being developed from an offshoot of the pulp and paper industry. Researchers in Sweden sourced wood hydrolysate remnants formed during the high-temperature chemical processing of wood chips.
Lightweight bottles from PTI

Coloured PET foam

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A foamed PET blow-moulding process that creates lightweight bottles in white or silvery-colours, without using additives, has been developed, according to polymer researchers in the USA. They say the technique creates recyclable decorative and textured PET bottles.
Packaging waste

New packaging plan

Packaging Professional magazine
Packaging producers must take responsibility for excess packaging, and help develop improved collection and more recycling facilities, says the UK Government’s new packaging strategy. It picks up on a call from the Local Government Association (LGA) to make retailers and manufacturers pay for the disposal of ‘unnecessary’ packaging.