High velocity forming of fuel cell plates

Materials World magazine
A production process, based on high velocity metal forming, can manufacture fuel cell bipolar plates in a fraction of the time normally required, according to a technology firm in the USA. This could also make fuel cell production cheaper.

High speed patterning of hydrogels

Materials World magazine
Direct laser interference lithography can speed up micropatterning of hydrogels for biomedical applications with improved resolution, says Dr Andrés Lasagni in Germany.
Flat Flexible Loudspeaker

Speaking volumes with wafer-thin loudspeakers

Materials World magazine
Wafer-thin loudspeakers that project sound further than conventional models could transform public address systems in train stations, airports and shopping centres. The Flat Flexible Loudspeaker, from engineers at the University of Warwick, UK, is less than 0.25mm thick and emits planar directional sound waves.
A computer model of the composite point absorber’s cone/cylinder/cone geometry

Survival of the fittest in wave energy

Materials World magazine
Engineers at the University of Ghent, Belgium, are working on glass fibre/polyester floating point absorbers for wave energy conversion. They are designed to stay at sea for 20 years, surviving extreme offshore weather conditions.
Silicon organic hybrid waveguides

Silicon all-optical integrated circuits

Materials World magazine
All-optical broadband and telecommunications signal processing may soon be possible at transmission speeds above 100Gbit/s using silicon, according to a European research consortium.