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Material mentors improve product design

Materials World magazine
A secondment programme brings ‘technical translators’ into design companies, helping them improve their products by making better use of materials. Lou Reade reports

Schoolkids excel at Starpack 2009

"Schoolkids could teach college students a thing or two" was the overriding message from the 2009 Schools Starpack judges.
London's proposed Olympic Stadium

Olympics' material ban retracted

Materials World magazine
The UK’s London Olympics Organising Committee has retracted its ban on PVC products in response to demands from construction companies. It is now calling on industry to find a sustainable long-term solution for the use and disposal of PVC in temporary buildings at the 2012 Olympics sites.
Materials analysis

Classifying ores and concentrates

Materials World magazine
A shared strategy for classifying ores and concentrates will be released later this year to help the European mining and minerals industry meet its obligations under the United Nations’ Globally Harmonised System (GHS) of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals.
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Recycling thermosetting plastics

Materials World magazine
Thermoset plastics that can be remoulded and recycled several times over when heated to about 100ºC are possible, claim researchers in The Netherlands.