Lost in translation? Science in the media

Materials World magazine
Nuclear power, packaging, climate change and transport are just some of the areas that are receiving more column inches and airtime in the mainstream media. Scientists’ input to the debate is vital, but often they feel misrepresented or ignored. Rupal Mehta explores the relationship between science and the media, the challenges, and why it is a three-way street.
mixed waste

Sensor solutions for energy from waste

Materials World magazine
The need for an online system that measures the biomass content in solid recovered fuel (mixed waste) was outlined at a seminar held in London, UK, on 24 February. Such a tool remains an 'instrumentation challenge' for producing energy from waste.
plastic bottles

Playing catch-up with plastics recycling?

Materials World magazine
In the UK, the business of collecting and recycling waste plastics is continuing to grow, despite the current volatility of the market for recovered materials. As work begins on Closed Loop Recycling's second facility in Deeside, Gary Price explores the state of plastics reprocessing.

Ceramics Postgraduate Speaking Competition - 21 May 2009

A postgraduate speaking competition will take place at Imperial College London on the afternoon of Thursday 21 May 2009. PhD students are encouraged to come and describe their research in...