Enter online for the Student Starpack Awards

Online entry has opened for the 2009 Student Starpack Awards. The scheme, run by IOP: The Packaging Society, lets creative students turn their hands to packaging design.
Optical probe diagram

Optical probe enhanced with LED

Materials World magazine
A scanning near-field optical microscope (SNOM) integrated with a microlens and a light emitting diode (LED) could allow the SNOM to become a more routine analytical tool for high resolution materials research and optical lithography.
Minerals exploration in New South Wales, Australia

Logging while drilling in mining

Materials World magazine
Adapting a technique called logging while drilling (LWD) for use in slimhole minerals exploration will improve efficiency and cut costs in the industry, say scientists in Australia. The approach currently enables the oil industry to accumulate real-time geological and geotechnical data about the rock while drilling.
Immersion-coupled twin-crystal 2D matrix phased array transducer

Faster inspection of stainless steel welds?

Materials World magazine
A single-probe ultrasonic technique for stainless steel weld inspection could save production time, say scientists from TWI Ltd in Cambridge, UK.
Light emitting diode emission as a current passes through the carbon-nanotube coated cotton

Smart cotton for biomonitoring

Materials World magazine
A conductive cotton yarn woven into soft fabrics could have health monitoring capabilities by acting as an intergrated sensor. The thread is coated in carbon nanotubes and is said to produce smart textiles with better flexibility, durability and mobile comfort than metal and optical fibres.