Richard Deveria, President, and Martin Cox, President elect, MIS

The Black stuff

Energy Transition Group
The Mining Institute of Scotland presented an interactive exhibit on the subject of the importance of oil and coal to the UK's economy at Aberdeen's Techfest Family Activity Weekend.

GE Energy launches GE Energy Ecomagination Challenge

GE Energy, a supplier of power generation and energy delivery technologies, has launched the GE Energy Ecomagination Challenge, an environment-based contest called ‘How can you make your campus greener?

Opportunity for early stage researchers

Crucible 2009 provides early-career researchers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics the opportunity to develop new collaborations across disciplines. It is designed to stimulate innovation by bringing together researchers from different disciplines to develop new ideas and explore the potential of their work.

Technology Strategy Board to invest in materials R&D

The Technology Strategy Board has allocated 1.5M euros to support UK industry and associated science and technology organisations as part of a European materials R&D programme.

Do your bit to help shape policy

The Institute’s External Affairs Group is looking for volunteers who can quickly respond to media and Government inquiries.