Polymer-based RFID tags from German company Siemens

Standardising RFID

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An EU-funded project to standardise radio frequency identification (RFID) is seeking stakeholders. The aim is to increase the use and profile of this system.
Smashed glass

Glass reuse falls in the UK

Packaging Professional magazine
While glass recycling rates have risen over the last decade in the UK, the amount of recycled content in glass containers has fallen, according to a report released by WRAP. This is due to a shortage of high-quality cullet caused by the co-mingling of recovered glass during collection and processing by UK municipal councils.

Carbon emissions controls

Packaging Professional magazine
UK companies are moving closer to facing mandatory reporting and limits on their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This follows the launch of a voluntary standard on calculating carbon emissions, as well as news that the Government is set to publish a review of packaging policy that could include a carbon count.
Closed sign in a shop window

Credit crunch strikes

Packaging Professional magazine
The current economic crisis has hit the packaging industry hard, as several companies have either gone into administration or have made major cutbacks. UK industry analysts Plimsoll Publishing predict a series of takeovers and sell-offs in the market in the next two years.

E-forum opens for young engineers

Young engineers can post comments on the state of engineering in the UK on a new e-forum. These views will inform the House of Commons Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills Committee as part of an in-depth inquiry which it will report on to Government.