Tough times for the brick industry

Clay Technology magazine
The housing crunch and international banking crisis have had a devastating effect on the UK brick industry, which has seen plants close, production reduced, and companies go into administration. Meagan Ellis reports

New Name for International Iron and Steel Institute

The Iron & Steel Society
The International Iron and Steel Institute has changed its name to World Steel Association, or worldsteel for short.

Pooling resources in oil and gas

Materials World magazine
Nearly a year after its launch, OPITO, the UK’s Oil & Gas Academy, is making strides to secure a safe and effective workforce in the sector.

Concrete carbonation

Materials World magazine
Canadian company Carbon Sense Solutions Inc claims its technique to accelerate concrete curing will not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but will replace conventional energy-intensive steam and heat accelerated curing techniques.
Exposed wires coated in the PATCH solution

PATCHwork for frayed wires

Materials World magazine
A cheap but effective polymeric coating to repair damaged aircraft wires and prevent them from sparking and causing an explosion is available, says a chemist at the University of Dayton Research Institute, USA.