UK contestant wins 2008 Young Persons’ World Lecture Competition

25 Sep 2008
Sinan Al-Bermani

Sinan Al-Bermani from the UK has won the 2008 Young Persons’ World Lecture Competition (YPWLC). Contestants from around the world flew into the University of Florida, USA, to take part in the annual competition, which was held on 23 September.

Al-Bermani’s winning presentation was on digital manufacture for medicine, looking at how it can produce structures that more closely mimic natural ones. His case studies of patients’ implants added a human element that helped to balance the technical side of his presentation. Al-Bemani is studying for a PhD, sponsored by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and Renault Formula 1, at the University of Sheffield.

Second place went to Portugal’s entrant, Anabela Alves, for her lecture ‘The extraction and modification of polymers obtained from renewable marine residues’. These marine-origin polysaccharides are biocompatible and biodegradable, making them ideal for medical use. Alves confidently explained how they can replace synthetic polymers in emerging biomedical technologies. John Lyons’ talk on organically modified silicate in monolithic polymeric matrices secured Ireland third place.

For the first time, a video link up was used to enable Shang Lei from Singapore to take part. The USA, Canada and Malaysia also put forward candidates, making this the largest YPWLC in its four-year history. The competition was sponsored by Rolls-Royce, CBMM, and Anglo America.

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