Introducing the Young Persons’ World Lecture Competition

1 Sep 2008

The 2008 Young Persons’ World Lecture Competition (YPWLC) will be held at the University of Florida, Gainsville, in the USA, on 23 September. The international competition will see competitors deliver a short presentation on a materials-related topic of their choice.

The YPWLC entrants are all winners of a national competition in their home country. Confirmed participants in the 2008 competition, organised by the Younger Members’ Committee, are –

  • Sinan Al Bermani, representing the UK, discussing ‘Digital manufacture for medicine’.
  • Portuguese entrant Anabela Alves, on ‘The extraction and modification of polymers obtained from renewable marine residues’.
  • Shang Lei, from Singapore, examines the ‘Drug release rate control principles of hydrogel-based drug delivery systems’.
  • Irish competitor John Lyons will explore ‘The incorporation of an organically modified layered silicate in monolithic polymeric matrices using hot melt extrusion’.
  • From the USA, Chris Woan on ‘The materials science of metal oxide nanoparticle antioxidants’.

The 2008 competition is sponsored by Rolls-Royce, CBMM, and Anglo America.

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