Last opportunity to enter IOM3 Medals and Prizes 2009

20 Nov 2008

Candidates have until 19 December to submit nomination forms for the IOM3 Medals and Prizes 2009. The awards recognise personal achievement as well as outstanding contributions to Institute journals and Materials World magazine.

The nomination form, available online, should be submitted along with a citation of up to 400 words. This must include detailed information about the candidate’s career. For published work, the names of the author(s), title of paper and journal in which it appeared, along with a copy of the article, are also required. In all cases, sufficient evidence should be provided as to why the candidate deserves the award.

The Medals and Prizes span metals, plastics, composites, ceramics, minerals and mining, as well as rewarding proactive contributions to education, the Institute, materials processing and materials chemistry.

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