Institute’s book publishing reverts to Maney

6 Nov 2008

The Institute’s book publishing programme of over 200 titles, including many standard texts, reverted to Maney Publishing on 1 November, following a period in which it was distributed by Woodhead Publishing.

All books are available at a 30% discount to members through the IOM3 website, which links to Maney’s online bookstore. A complete catalogue is in preparation for 2009. The David Brown Brook Company will sell the texts across North America. Maney is particularly interested in the growing trend to buy books in bulk at discount, or license content electronically, for taught courses.

While many volumes were first published a decade ago or more, they continue to attract attention. For example, the expanding series of European Federation of Corrosion publications, edited by Dr Paul McIntyre, contains over 50 titles, with more to be published in early 2009. The books elicit great interest, especially from Eastern Europe.

Sales of printed volumes remain strong but Maney is seeking to disseminate books more widely using electronic formats. Almost every title will likely be digitised, giving new life to books that are hard to find in libraries. This addresses the shift in library budgets from hard copy, single purchases to subject-based bundles of e-books. Future titles will probably be published simultaneously in print and e-format. The historical metallurgy titles have a second audience alongside Maney’s extensive archaeology list, and every year three or four titles are reprinted to meet demand.

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