Institute Fellows receive Royal Academy of Engineering recognition

18 Jul 2008

Several Institute Fellows have recently become Fellows of the UK's Royal Academy of Engineering. The Academy promotes excellence in all areas of engineering, and by electing Fellows it seeks to recognise the best of the UK's engineering talent.

The newly elected Fellows are:

  • David John Bacon CEng FIMMM FInstP 

Forsuperior research into the mechanical properties of metals and alloys, andphenomena associated with radiation damage.

  • Nigel Peter Brandon Ceng FInstE FIMMM 

Distinguishedfor his personal leadership and innovation in pioneering the rapid developmentand application of fuel cell technology.

  • Norman Andrew Fleck FRS FIMMM CEng 

Heestablished the basic understanding of the compressive microbuckling of fibrecomposites, the theory of cold rolling thin foil and powder compaction theory.He pioneered the development of strain gradient, plasticity theory,and his mathematical models for these are new standards in stress analysisdesign software.

  • Michael James Goulette CEng FRAeS FIMMM

Distinguishedfor engineering leadership of major modules of Rolls-Royce's gas turbines and acquisition of their technologies. He has developed andpatented turbine blade alloys.

  • Graham Aubrey Honeyman CEng FIMMM 

Distinguished for the development and commercialrealisation of super-clean, low residual, forging good-strength steels,ductility and resistance to embrittlement at 300-500°C.

  • Christoph Stefan Wiesner EurIng CEng FWeldI FIMMM

Distinguished for his work on crack arrest andcrack approach methodologies in fracture mechanics and for his contributions tointernational standards/codes of defect acceptance in welded structures.


Anne Glover CBE FIMMM, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Amadeus Capital Partners Ltd, who provide investment services to venture capital funds, received an Honorary Fellowship. In recent years she has helped to fund the launch of Optos, Southampton Photonics, Teraview and

Glover is a member of the Technology Strategy Board and a past chairman of the British Venture Capital Association, which represents UK-based private equity and venture capital firms. She has served as vice-chairman and chairman of its Technology Subcommittee. 


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