Installing removable insulation on the extractor vessels in the supercritical carbon dioxide pilot plant

Radioactive recycling of uranium

Materials World magazine
A plant that can recycle uranium dioxide from nuclear fuel fabrication incinerator ash is being built in Richland, USA. The technology uses super-critical carbon dioxide (SC CO2) to dissolve and recover the metal, rather than organic solvents and aqueous acids, reducing the volume of second generation toxic waste effluent.

Finding gold in garbage?

Materials World magazine
Space is running low for landfill sites, and decreasing sources of minerals and metals are conflicting with projected high demands in the future. Exploring old landfills for reusable resources is therefore becoming more appealing, but can incurr high costs.

Taking the strain out of lasers

Materials World magazine
UK researchers hope to produce a novel solid-state Raman laser using a new low birefringence synthetic chemical vapour deposition (CVD) diamond. The material will produce laser with a broader optical spectrum for applications in underwater, medical and multi-spectral imaging.
The diamond-based target design for the Astra Gemini laser

Target practice for synthetic diamond

Materials World magazine
High-power laser targets that incorporate single-crystal chemical vapour deposition synthetic diamond have been developed by UK scientists. The behaviour of diamond under the extreme pressures of laser beam shocks is being observed for research into new forms of energy generation such as inertial confinement fusion (ICF) energy.
A single-crystal diamond detector in the p-type

Novel detectors for the age of fusion

Materials World magazine
Researchers in Italy are using neutron detectors made from synthetic diamond in nuclear fusion experiments. Synthetic single-crystal diamond-based detectors offer high radiation hardness, band-gap, carrier mobility and breakdown voltage, and a low atomic number.