Testing on the rails

Materials World magazine
A team of UK scientists are developing a non-contact railhead scanning device that can pinpoint minute cracks on a rail line at speeds of 125 miles per hour (mph).

Securing minerals supply

Materials World magazine
Seabed mining, arctic exploration, and sourcing underdeveloped countries, such as Afghanistan, will help secure future minerals supplies as countries face the squeeze from resource-rich developing nations. That was the message delivered by experts from the British Geological Survey (BGS) at the event, ‘Meeting the mineral commodity challenge’ event, held in London, UK, on 14 October 2008.
Channel sampling from Ana East in Turkey

Mining matters brought to the fore

Materials World magazine
Finex 2008, held from 23-24 September 2008, highlighted technological advances in exploration and the financial support that has led to London, UK, regaining its role as one of the world’s great mining capitals. The skills shortage in the mining industry was also addressed.

Etching quartz microfluidics

Materials World magazine
Synthetic fused silica (quartz) based microfluidic devices can now be etched deeper and for longer using new photoresist layers. This will enable more effective fluid control and chemical analysis in bioscience and medicine.
Graphene covers an infrared screen, enhancing its signals

Creating large graphene coatings

Materials World magazine
Graphene films that can be deposited over large areas of a substrate may be possible using modified chemical mechanical polishing, according to scientists in the USA. The material’s perfect 2D crystallographic nature and electrical properties will enable high-speed and flexible circuitry in electronic devices.