Introducing the Young Persons’ World Lecture Competition

The 2008 Young Persons’ World Lecture Competition will be held at the University of Florida, Gainsville, in the USA, on 23 September.
Adaptronic elements cast in a pedal crank report inappropriate biomechanical stress during cycling

Casting sensors into light metals

Materials World magazine
Scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute in Bremen, Germany, are developing a manufacturing technique to integrate electric sensors, actuators and components into light metals while they are being cast. This would create ‘intelligent’ parts that could monitor components’ stability or track their movements.
Dr Pete Twigg examines some bone prepared to trial the hydrogel

Crosslinking for cartilage repair

Materials World magazine
A hydrogel with a 'unique' crosslinker could improve cartilage repair. This will enhance the lives of people suffering from medical joint problems such as osteoarthritis.
Two-inch silicon wafers with zirconium nitride metal deposition reflecting ambient fluorescent lighting

Silicon to supersede sapphire in LEDs?

Materials World magazine
Using silicon rather than sapphire wafers could bring down the cost of light emitting diodes and transform solid state lighting in homes and offices. Researchers at Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA, claim to have overcome the difficulty in metallising silicon with a reflective layer.
The Labratester 1 from Norbert Schlaefli Maschinen, in Zofingen, Switzerland, is able to print thin film transistors with a precision of 25um

Printing electronics

Materials World magazine
Researchers working on CONTACT, a four-year EU-funded project, have developed a method of printing precise layers of water-based or pigmented inks onto a substrate material, such as glass or metal foil, for printed electronics.