The UK’s Waste Resources & Action Programme demonstrated the possibilities of lightweighting with design innovation using the ‘iconic’ Grolsh lager glass bottle

WRAPping up waste packaging materials

Materials World magazine
The UK’s Waste Resources & Action Programme announced on 28 July that there was a halt on levels of grocery packaging growth from 2006-7 by 32 of the UK’s major retailers and brand owners. Rupal Mehta discovers more about the materials development this involved across the retail supply chain.

Driving forward with composites

Materials World magazine
The Caparo T1 track car, made using novel manufacturing techniques for carbon composite parts, is in its final lap as the first production specification vehicles are to be launched later this year. Capro aims to make carbon composite parts more affordable for use in lightweight vehicles to reduce carbon emissions and improve fuel economy.

A lighter touch for glass

Materials World magazine
Designers at the Saazs Institute, based in Paris, France, claim to have developed the first light-emitting glass, which can last for 20 years. The material could be used to create luxury lighting products for homes, hotels and retail outlets.
The device used by Nautilus to explore the seafloor

Mining under the sea

Materials World magazine
The newest frontier for mining is underwater. Meagan Ellis looks at the technology involved and the environmental concerns that remain with this untested excavation technique.

Low-carbon bricks for steel mills

Materials World magazine
A new 15,000t production line that manufactures pressed bricks for iron and steel mills containing little or no embedded carbon is in production in Gongyi, China. Gengsheng Minerals creates low-carbon bricks to be used in furnaces and ladles.