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Bearings are one application where these composite coatings could have an impact

Fullerenes offer lubricant coatings

Materials World magazine
Novel composite coatings are being developed to reduce friction and improve wear resistance in parts where there are rolling and sliding contacts such as ball bearings, chains, gears, pumps, screws and artificial joints. The products, based on inorganic fullerene-like nanosphere powders. could save energy, extend operating times and reduce maintenance in automotive, aerospace and biomedical fields.

Casting the net – online inspection of steel

Materials World magazine
A novel laser-electromagnetic acoustic transducer (EMAT) technique for detecting surface and internal defects in cast steel early in the manufacturing process is being explored by international steelmaker Corus.

Quick and easy nanoarrays

Materials World magazine
A fast and simple technique for producing nanostructured gallium arsenide arrays using lithographic patterning has been developed by researchers at Oxford University, UK. This could be used for improved data storage in advanced optical, electronic or magnetic applications

Powering up composites

Materials World magazine
Demand for small, electrically driven unmanned air vehicles (SEUAVs) in the military and civil sectors has led researchers at The Welding Institute (TWI) in Cambridge, UK, to explore the use of embedded fuel cells to help power lightweight composite structures, typically constructed from carbon or glass fibre-reinforced epoxy.