Nanomaterials take on extreme environments

Materials World magazine
The HiPerNano Sector Focus Group was launched on 19 May 2008 in London, UK, at a seminar on ‘High Performance Nano-Enhanced Materials for Extreme Environments’. The Focus Group aims to define an industry-led agenda down the supply chain to steer the KTN's activities for high performance engineering.

Superhydrophobic films to protect solar cells

Materials World magazine
A water barrier film that is reportedly 1,000 times more effective than other technologies on the market has been developed by researchers at the Institute of Materials Reseach and Engineering (IMRE) in Singapore. By using metal nanoparticles suspended in a monomer solvent, sensitive devices like organic light emitting diodes and solar cells could be protected from moisture damage.

Nexia offers nuclear solutions to UK energy needs

Materials World magazine
The UK National Nuclear Laboratory, to be headquartered at the Sellafield nuclear site, UK, will conduct R&D and equip the next generation of nuclear workers.

The future of the UK's elastomer market

Materials World magazine
Conclusions of the UK Elastomer Roadmap on future R&D activities and industry priorities were presented to delegates of the third Annual Rubber Seminar, ‘From Nano to Micro’, which was held on 19 May in Manchester, UK. key recommendations include more funding for recycling programmes, increased contact with schools to improve recruitment, a database of elastomer research institutions and training centres, better methods for predicting the lifetime of products, and further exploration of smart elastomers such as gecko tape.
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