Digging deep for minerals research

Materials World magazine
Researchers at the new £6m Rio Tinto Centre for Advanced Mineral Recovery at Imperial College London, UK, aim to develop novel mining technologies to extract minerals efficiently and cost effectively from hard-to-access low-grade deposits deeper underground. The team will gain a better understanding of the science behind block caving, in situ acid leaching of metals and froth flotation.

Built to order – fast and eco-friendly vehicle manufacture

Materials World magazine
Vehicles built and delivered to order in five days could be possible within a decade thanks to the European Intelligent Logistics for Innovative Product Technologies project. Working with industry, the team has created a modular car design that can be manufactured quickly using plastics and steel.

Gallium nitride alternative to silicon for more powerful electronics

Materials World magazine
Scientists at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, USA, claim to have developed the first gallium nitride metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (GaN MOSFET). They hope to exploit the higher breakdown voltages and more efficient electric energy conversion capabilities of GaN to replace silicon MOSFETs for more powerful and efficient electronic devices that can operate in extreme conditions.

Improving engineering enrolment

Materials World magazine
Endorsed by the UK Institute of Engineering and Technology, the E3 Academy aims to encourage more UK undergraduates to take up electrical and energy engineering courses by offering them corporate sponsorships.

London Metal Exchange adjusts plastics futures contracts

Materials World magazine
The UK London Metal Exchange (LME) adjusted its plastics futures contracts for polypropylene and linear low-density polyethylene on 28 April to make trading and price risk management more accessible.