Lightweight polystyrene-based brick façade

Clay Technology magazine
A lightweight polystyrene-based insulating building façade with an outer layer of super-thin brick that is said to be cheaper and easier to assemble than conventional brick walls, and better insulated than other lightweight insulation surfaces, has been developed by offsite manufacturing company GWL International in Zhengzhou, China.

Launch of The International Mining and Minerals Association and PERC Code

On 17 June at 1 Carlton House Terrace, IOM3 will introduce two innovations for the mining industry – the International Mining and Minerals Association and the Pan European Reserves and Resources Reporting Committee Code.

Growing clean carbon nanotubes

Materials World magazine
Using catalysed chemical vapour deposition, scientists at the University of Warwick, UK, have grown clean carbon nanotubes directly onto a disc surface. The creation of these ultramicroelectrodes, which are 25-100µm in diameter, could be used for extremely sensitive sensors.

New smelter could save energy

Materials World magazine
Following the acquisition of Alcan last year, Rio Tinto has announced the evolution of Alcan’s aluminium production technology through a smelting process that consumes up to 20% less energy. The system, which is based on heat recovery, low resistance cathode blocks and drained cathodes, will be scaled up in 2009 at the company’s pilot plant in St Jean de Maurienne, France.

Microseismic technology navigates directional drilling for coal gas

Materials World magazine
Microseismic technology has been used for the first time to guide underground directional drilling for coal gas production, say scientists at the Australian Commonwealth Scientific Research Organisation. A trial was conducted at a coal field test site in Queensland, Australia.