Developments to The Boilerhouse regional office

Developments to The Boilerhouse, the Institute’s new regional office, exhibition hall, and conference and training centre in Grantham, are moving on apace.

Materials mapping seeks your views

The Royal Society of Chemistry is conducting an online materials mapping exercise.

Institute’s Annual Review for 2007

The Institute's Annual Review 2007 is available for download.

Producing low-carbon pressed bricks

Clay Technology magazine
A process for creating pressed bricks containing little or no embedded carbon has been developed by Gengsheng Minerals in Gongyi, China. These bricks can withstand temperatures up to 1,600ºC, and can be used in furnaces and ladles in iron and steel mills.

Polymer waste for cement-free paving

Clay Technology magazine
PET waste from bottles, cartons and yoghurt pots has been redirected from landfill and transformed into cement-free concrete paving blocks thanks to a EUREKA funded project called Sandplast.