Customising rapid manufacture

Materials World magazine
The EU Custom-Fit project has developed techniques for the rapid manufacture of customised helmets, surgical implants, car seats and prostheses made from multiple materials .

Smoother catheter coating

Materials World magazine
A hydrophilic, polymeric coating for urinary catheters that makes them more durable and smooth has been developed by Lombard Medical Technologies, based in Sheffield, UK.

Manufacturing cheaper organic light emitting diodes

Materials World magazine
GE Global Research has developed a roll-to-roll process, similar to that used in newspaper printing, to mass-produce organic light emitting diodes. The company claims this technology will lower the cost of producing organic electronic products, which will be key if these devices are to succeed in the marketplace.

Extreme UV lithography to power electronics

Materials World magazine
US computer processing company AMD, in collaboration with IBM, has announced the development of a 22x33mm working test chip using extreme ultraviolet lithography for the critical first layer of metal connections across the entire chip.

Lead paste recycling

Materials World magazine
A more environmentally friendly technique for recycling lead paste from lead acid batteries has received a proof-of-concept grant from the UK’s East of England Development Agency (EEDA). The method reduces energy consumption as well as carbon and sulphur dioxide emissions, compared to existing approaches.