Micro and nanolevel patterning of substrates

Materials World magazine
A team exploring more cost effective 3D, non-planar, micro- and nanolevel patterning of substrates at Newcastle University, UK, has received £90,000 worth of additional funding.
Recyclable slimmer DVDs

Slimmer DVDs

Materials World magazine
ODS Business Services, one of Europe’s largest producers of CDs and DVDs, has produced a recyclable DVD. The EcoDisc is composed of a single layer, using half the polycarbonate of regular DVDs and requiring no bonding resins.
Boeing 787 Dreamliner aeroplane

Closed loop system for carbon fibre

Materials World magazine
The demand for carbon fibre-based composites is growing, particularly in aerospace, prompting the need to look at ways to recycle and reuse carbon fibre in a closed loop system.

Introducing the Concrete Canvas

Materials World magazine
Industrial designers and business partners Peter Brewin and William Crawford discuss their journey to produce concrete shelters for disaster zones.

Ultrasonics for flexible ceramics

Materials World magazine
Smaller, thinner and more complex shapes can now be manufactured at Morgan Advanced Ceramics' facility at Rugby, UK, thanks to low-pressure ultrasonic technology. The company envisages that the medical device and semiconductor industries are most likely to benefit.