China remains number one for manufacturers

Materials World magazine
Despite facing product safety concerns, rising labour costs and increasing costs for raw materials, China remains the number one destination for manufacturers, according to the 2007 Annual Study - Innovation in Emerging Markets by the Manufacturing Industry Group at global consultancy and financial services firm Deloitte & Touche LLP.

Electronic paper displays from photonic crystals

Materials World magazine
P-Ink, a technology that employs photonic crystals and the light reflected between them to create flexible electronic-paper displays with improved colour and resolution, has been created by Opalux, a company based in Toronto, Canada.
Fridge magnets

Refrigeration using magnetic cooling technology

Materials World magazine
Researchers from the Risoe National Laboratory - Technical University of Denmark, in Roskilde, have used magnetic cooling technology to bring environmentally friendly refrigeration closer to development. Magnetic cooling technology exploits materials such as gadolinium which heat up when exposed to a magnetic field and cool down when that field is removed.
Sustainable construction housing plan

Sustaining construction

Clay Technology magazine
The UK’s Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform is seeking feedback on a joint Government and industry strategy for sustainable construction.

Launch of Electronics Applications Technical Division in Singapore

Functional Materials Division
The Institute of Materials (East Asia) successfully launched the new Electronics Materials and Applications Technical Division in the Nanyang Technological University.