Printed circuit boards

Environmentally sustainable manufacture of printed circuit boards

Materials World magazine
The results of the Towards a Zero Discharge printed circuit board Manufacturing Plant (TAZDIS) initiative announced in March 2007. Reduced metals waste generation and lower water consumption has been achieved the prototype plant.

First soluble monoclonal nanoscale molecular imprinted polymers developed

Materials World magazine
Through the process of living polymerisation, researchers at Cranfield University, UK, claim to have developed the first soluble monoclonal nanoscale molecular imprinted polymers (nanoMIPs) for potential application in analytical chemistry, pharmacology, crime prevention and the food industry.
Barrier along road

Corus launches roadside restraint systems

Materials World magazine
International steel company Corus has launched a new range of roadside restraint systems that it claims exceeds the performance levels and test criteria stipulated by the European EN1317 standard. The hot-dip-galvanised rectangular hollow tubular steel sections are designed to reduce the severity of vehicle road accidents.

Self-healing anti-corrosion mechanism uses encapsulated corrosion inhibitors

Materials World magazine
A self-healing method for structural and functional materials developed by the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Germany, and the University of Aveiro, Portugal, combines passive barrier and active anti-corrosion mechanisms in one system. Conventional anti-corrosion silica-zirconia sol-gel film matrices are doped with ‘polyelectrolyte nanocontainers’ that release encapsulated organic corrosion inhibitors.
MADE magazine

MADE design magazine launched

A new magazine, MADE, has been launched for the UK’s design and materials communities.