Government funding to boost UK science and innovation

23 Oct 2007

The UK Government has decided to adopt the proposals put forward in Lord Sainsbury’s review of science and innovation in the UK. Recommendations cover science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education, funding and knowledge transfer.

With a view to making the UK more competitive abroad, the Government will invest one billion pounds over the next three years. This will support early-stage high-technology companies and knowledge transfer between universities and industry to bring innovation to the market. Chief Executive Bernie Rickinson comments, ‘I’m thrilled that the Government is acknowledging the potential of science to drive the UK’s economy forward. This is an exciting time for us.’

The Department of Innovation, Universities and Skills will be responsible for raising standards in education by training specialist teachers, and encouraging children to pursue STEM vocations through improved careers advice. Rickinson says, ‘People are recognising the need to nurture the scientists of tomorrow – something the Institute has been promoting for many years. Our Schools Affiliate Scheme is just one example.’

Lord Sainsbury’s review.