Tax on packaging

Packaging Professional magazine
The Netherlands’ Ministry of Finance is to introduce a carbon-based tax on packaging from January 2008. The fee for packaging processors is likely to be levied according to a calculation of CO2 emissions from the production of each kilogramme of packaging.
Students studying STEM courses

Scholarship initiative for science undergraduates

Materials World magazine
Queen's University Belfast, UK, has launched a scholarship scheme that will make a one-off payment of £1,000 to all new undergraduates who receive straight As in their ‘A' levels and enrol on science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM)-related degree programmes in 2008. The initiative is intended to attract more high quality graduates, amid concerns about the national decline in numbers enrolling on STEM courses.

Microwave-based technique recycles medium density fibre (MDF)

Materials World magazine
Nviro Cleantech Ltd, based in London, UK, plans to start commercial trials in 2008 for a microwave-based technique to recycle medium density fibre (MDF). No viable commercial system for recovering and recycling these wood fibres into a reusable form currently exists.

Next-generation nanowire memory devices

Materials World magazine
Research performed at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, USA, has taken a step closer to creating faster and longer lasting memory devices using phase-change materials at the nanoscale.

UK National Minerals Forum sets agenda

Materials World magazine
The UK National Minerals Forum, launched in November 2006, has set its agenda for 2008. It aims to encourage strategic thinking and identify any issues that require a coherent response, such as continuity and sincerity of supply of aggregates, silica sand, open cast coal and fluorspar reserves.