Flame-retardant polymer

Materials World magazine
Scientists from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA, have created a flame-retardant synthetic polymer that does not require conventional and potentially harmful halogen additives. The team aims to apply the material in the interior of aircraft and ships.
Polystyrene nanosphere dyes

Polystyrene nanospheres replace toxic dyes to produce structural colours

Materials World magazine
With increasing concerns about the use of traditional dyes on the environment, materials that use polysytene nanospheres rather than toxic dyes to produce colour have been the subject of research by scientists at the University of Southampton, UK. The sphere size controls the wavelength which light is reflected and scattered from the film, offering new possibilities for structural colours. The materials have already attracted the interest of Unilever, Kodak, Merck and Degussa for applications ranging from packaging to automotives.
Biometric laser scanner

Biometric fingerprints for anti-counterfeiting

Packaging Professional magazine
ProteXXion, launched by Bayer Technology Services in Germany, is a security and tracking device that uses the biometric fingerprints of individual surfaces to counter fraud in items ranging from packaging to passports. ProteXXion encompasses project management, installation and servicing of the laser surface authentication (LSA) technology invented at Imperial College London, UK. Laser surface authentification combined with RFID tracking device tags could provide an all-encompassing anti-fraud solution. Trials have been conducted on pharmaceutical and tobacco packaging using static scannes on production lines that move up to four metres per second.
Diet coke can

Keeping drink cans cooler for longer

Packaging Professional magazine
A Nanoskin insulation technology made from a metallised polymer film of one micron-thick vacuum cells could keep food or drinks cooler for longer.

Tom Shingler awarded 2007 Holland Award

The Ceramics Society
Mr Tom Shingler has been awarded the Roy T Holland Award for meritorious service in the traditional ceramics industries.