UK National Skills Academy for Manufacturing launched

Materials World magazine
Launched in January 2007 as part of the Government’s broader National Skills Academy policy, NSAM aims to provide a coherent industry-led framework for training. A central hub in the West Midlands will act as coordinator, working alongside regional advisory groups to identify local industry needs and the current training available.
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Thin film tungsten diselenide structures with ultra-low thermal conductivities

Materials World magazine
Researchers at the Universities of Oregon and Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have used a modulated elemental reactant method to synthesise thin nanocrystalline WSe2 structures with the lowest ever recorded thermal conductivities for a fully dense solid. The technology may lead to improved insulation in a number of applications.

Research and Innovation Conference for Younger Members

Building on the success of previous conferences, the 2007 Research and Innovation Conference provides an opportunity for young engineers, scientists and technologists to exchange ideas, improve presentation skills, increase materials knowledge and develop industrial and academic links.