MADE magazine

MADE design magazine launched

A new magazine, MADE, has been launched for the UK’s design and materials communities.

Campaign against packaging waste

The Institute responds to The Independent's comments that goods are overpackaged.

Research and Innovation Conference for Younger Members

Building on the success of previous conferences, the 2007 Research and Innovation Conference provides an opportunity for young engineers, scientists and technologists to exchange ideas, improve presentation skills, increase materials knowledge and develop industrial and academic links.
Scientist writing formulae

Bumpy molecular structure improves hyperpolarisability of optical materials

Materials World magazine
Computer modelling techniques at Washington State University showed that varying the shape of molecules to produce a bumpy structure resulted in improved intrinsic hyperpolarisability and performance of optical materials. Studies of new molecules synthesised by a group at the Chinese Academy of Sciences have confirmed the effect.

One-step optical device manufacturing process based on replicating the photonic structures of butterfly wings

Materials World magazine
Material that replicates the wing scales of the blue butterfly Morpho peleides was produced by depositing layers of alumina onto the wing structure using atomic layer deposition. The coated scales were heated to crystallise the alumina and burn off the organic skeleton. Potential applications include optical wave guides and splitters.